Law Guidelines for Drowsy Drivers on Go

Driving is one serious job and people seem oblivion to the fact that any sort of lethargic behavior can wreck havoc to your well being. Sleepiness and driving is one hazardous combination and most of the people doing so don’t realize that drowsy driving can be fatal for lives. As alcohol, sleepiness can really slow down the thinking process and deem down the reaction time, lessen awareness and can impair your judgmental mind and can boost your risks of crashing down on someone instantly. In case you are under surveillance for any such offense,top Singapore law firm scan lend you a helping hand to resolve the matter under judiciary with proper supervision and expertise of the best lawyers in Singapore.


According to the latest Court of Appeal decision, The Chief Justice stated that the act of driving while sleep-deprived constitutes as a sheer behavior of negligence. In the light of the situation, drivers who risk lives with such behavior can cause fatal accidents and are most likely to face the term as far as two years, a fine or both. Read more …


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