Proper Guideline for Expats: Criminal law in Singapore

With Asia being the safest and lowest tax rated region with exceptionally good living standard, it is of no wonder that expats around the globe have favored Singapore for years. Renowned for its utter professional platform and the safest south East Asian region, Singapore criminal law have confronted various expats with harsh penalties as they landed up on the wrong side of the Law. It’s certainly important to keep in mind that Singapore is also one conservative country with relatively strict rules to follow.

It is comparatively uncommon to get arrested and detained for something that various expats may think as a relatively minor offence in comparison with their home country. Various questions that an expat could really face are as mention:

  • What are the real penalties and consequences of being charged?
  • Will it directly affect my working visa in long run?
  • Is it possible to travel if when my passport is detained?
  • When the right is time to inform my employer of any certain circumstances
  • Am I in breach of any certain employment contract terms and conditions?
  • When is the right time to engage a lawyer?

In case you are mercilessly charged by the police, it means you have to apply for urgent leave to attend interviews at the police station. The very first arrest warrant shall lead to a 48 hours of total detention with no proper access to any counsel or telephones. One can make it difficult if found disappeared and may risk their life and job in that case. Read more…

Top Singapore Criminal Lawyers – What to Keep in mind

A heinous criminal offense can shatter your life to unfortunate pieces leading to pain and regrets for a lifetime. In case you can relate with the situation hereby, let me remind you that you are in a great trouble but you can still make the most of that very mistake by hiring the best in business criminal law lawyers in Singapore to get away with the situation lawfully. Professionals shall make the most of their potentials to tackle your case with ease and utter expertise during your rough time in prison. If you can really afford to hire one attorney in Singapore can certainly do a lot of work in saving your life to scraps.

Factually, it’s next to impossible to lead one’s own case in Singapore not even with those eminent minds or high IQ level can fight for their own case. It’s imperative to keep in mind that a criminal trial be followed in a competent manner.    

Before you choose just the right attorney, look for the best top Singapore law firms and look for their expertise and professionalism before making just the right choice. Since one case is quite different with that of other, it’s imperative in that case to look for specialized expertise in that very case. So in any case, the lawyers are trained enough to tackle their case with perfect proficiency and sheer uniqueness. Moreover, the best in business lawyers can efficiently spot certain level of arguments and other factors, which can be further negotiated or disregarded by a potential offense lawyer. As the things get completed its better to hire an attorney as soon as possible. Continue reading….

Understand Criminal Law before Taking Any Step

Understanding of the law is very necessary in the business world, especially when you are about to start something big. Singapore is a very reputed location for the new business to start. Over here, government and several private investors are ready to help people with great business ideas to explore new places and opportunities to establish business. There is several business opportunities available for you to grow and succeed given you are following the criminal law in Singapore properly. In case you are not abiding by the law in the right manner, it can lead you towards a big problem.

Foreign multinational companies coming from western countries have to consider the law and regulations applicable on the business properly. They are going to work in a society where businesses are run according to the society norms. If you are not following them precisely, there can be serious consequences for that. Apart from this, there are several legal and financial formalities as well which are essential for you to follow.

In case you are unable to understand the minor points related to the Singapore criminal law or financial investment laws, try to contact reliable legal firms and get to know them better. Contact a reliable legal firm and mention your requirements. They will handle all your legal issues of informing about various laws as well as applicable regulations. Apart from this, they will help in formulating legal documents as well in case you need to put them forth to the governmental organizations.

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How to Choose a Good Defense Lawyer

Criminal cases in Singapore are taken very seriously. They are not taken for granted even if the crime committed by someone is meager. Every crime is taken into consideration with a serious eye. In case you are stuck in the middle of some kind of criminal case, it is essential for you to obtain services of a criminal defense lawyer or we should say the best defense lawyer. Defense lawyer is the lawyer who is capable of helping you or your loved one to fight in the court of law and come out as an innocent person.

A regular criminal lawyer can work for your case but he will not be as good as the defense lawyer who has spent his entire life in practicing defense. This lawyer is fully aware of how to use the criminal law in Singapore to defend their clients. They will not break any law or go against one to help their clients but will use the same law to protect the interest of their client by proving his innocence. While selecting one for your case, make sure to assess these qualities:

Spends time to understand your case: a good lawyer will always spend time to understand your case well. Without obtaining all the major details, they are unable to defend you properly. In case the lawyer is too hasty for your case or not even listening to your points due to haste, make sure to look for another one. Continue reading …