Proper Guideline for Expats: Criminal law in Singapore

With Asia being the safest and lowest tax rated region with exceptionally good living standard, it is of no wonder that expats around the globe have favored Singapore for years. Renowned for its utter professional platform and the safest south East Asian region, Singapore criminal law have confronted various expats with harsh penalties as they landed up on the wrong side of the Law. It’s certainly important to keep in mind that Singapore is also one conservative country with relatively strict rules to follow.

It is comparatively uncommon to get arrested and detained for something that various expats may think as a relatively minor offence in comparison with their home country. Various questions that an expat could really face are as mention:

  • What are the real penalties and consequences of being charged?
  • Will it directly affect my working visa in long run?
  • Is it possible to travel if when my passport is detained?
  • When the right is time to inform my employer of any certain circumstances
  • Am I in breach of any certain employment contract terms and conditions?
  • When is the right time to engage a lawyer?

In case you are mercilessly charged by the police, it means you have to apply for urgent leave to attend interviews at the police station. The very first arrest warrant shall lead to a 48 hours of total detention with no proper access to any counsel or telephones. One can make it difficult if found disappeared and may risk their life and job in that case. Read more…


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