Duties of a Criminal Lawyer in Singapore

criminal lawIn Singapore, Criminal lawyers carry the responsibility of representing persons who have been convicted of a crime. It is their duty to ensure that their client, guilty or not, get just and fair treatment under Singapore law.

The lawyer is their client`s voice when appearing before a judge. It is therefore very important that the criminal lawyer understand the law and any grey areas that accompany it so they can best represent their clients.

What to Take Into Consideration

You should take your time and research potential criminal lawyers by doing a simple internet search. From here you should be able to come up with a shortlist of lawyers who are suitably qualified to represent you in court.

An experienced will explain the law to you and recommend a clear plan to action. Your lawyers should be experienced in the field that you require and have the necessary representation and communication skills required to argue your case in the courtroom.

Good criminal lawyers will make themselves available to you in order for you to stay informed about any developments in your case. They understand your anguish.

What to Ask Your Lawyer

Before seeing your criminal lawyer you should write down a brief summary so that you lawyer can understand the nature of your criminal charges. Some points to write down are:

  • Date and time of the arrest
  • The circumstances leading to the arrest
  • What you are being accused of.
  • Who was involved and were there any witnesses?
  • What the charges against you are

Any documentation or information that can help your case should be forwarded to your criminal lawyer so that they can formulate the best course of action when representing you.

Should you have any questions or need legal representation please click here.


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