Am I eligible for Legal aid?

Legal aid Singapore

The Singapore Legal Aid Bureau handles many civil matters including divorce, adoptions, and claims for maintenance, custody of children, separation, wrongful dismissals, tenancy disputes, monetary claims, motor and industrial accident claims and estate matters BUT does not cover criminal matters.

Generally to qualify for legal aid, one must first fulfill these conditions

  1. the person must be a Singapore Citizen or a Singapore Permanent Resident and be present in Singapore;
  2. the person’s income for the past 12 months before the date of application for legal aid must not exceed $10,000
  3. the person’s disposable capital must not exceed $10,000; and
  4. There must be merits in the person’s case.

 The Director of Legal Aid has some discretion when it comes to cases of real hardship to extend assistance even if the person is not eligible under the income/disposal capital test.

Anyone facing capital charges in the High Court are ensured of free legal representation under the Legal Assistance Scheme for Capital Offences (‘LASCO’). No means test or other eligibility criteria is imposed.

The Law Society’s Criminal Legal Aid Scheme (“CLAS”) provides legal assistance to the needy that are can’t afford a lawyer, and are

  1. facing charges in a Singapore court for a non death-penalty offence; and
  2. Not pleading guilty.

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