Singapore Criminal Lawyers

Gloria James-Civetta & Co                                   Singapore Criminal Lawyers

Singapore Criminal Lawyers and Litigators

Whether you are charged with a traffic violation, white or blue collar crime, or assault charges, we provide experienced and determined defense representation

Our Singapore criminal defense lawyers, Amarjit Singh and Gloria James-Civetta, offer skilled and experienced representation to clients facing charges under the criminal court system.

It is important to seek legal advice immediately if you have been arrested or are under investigation for any criminal offense Gloria James-Civetta & Coin Singapore, whether the charges outrage of modesty, or assault related crimes.Contact our criminal lawyers. An experienced criminal lawyer will advise you on how you can deal with your case. Consultation is free.

Our firm has the resources and experienced personnel to represent clients against a wide range of criminal charges in Singapore`s court system.

For more information, visit our Singapore Criminal lawyer Blog

Singapore criminal lawyersAmarjit Singh, Gloria James-Civettaand Javern Sim defend clients against charges ranging from blue to white collar crimes, always with the same thorough preparation and aggressive trial presentation.

CONTACT US TODAY to learn more about how we can help you in your situation.

“When experience and results Matter”our experienced Singapore criminal lawyer team is ready to assist you in the following areas of criminal law:

If you or a loved one are underarrestor facing criminal investigation, contact The Law Offices Gloria James-Civetta & Co in Singapore to get the help you need.

Call 63370469 or emailour office today.


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