If you have been arrested or investigated for a crime against another person (assault or molest), or any other criminal offense, a criminal defence lawyer in Singapore can help.

Investigation, subsequent charges– to court representation and appeal if needed.


You must take the following into consideration:

Compatibility &Comfort Level – Do you feel comfortable when speaking to the lawyer on a personal level?  Is the lawyer providing you factual information based on law or his own personal experience?

Qualifications – How long has the lawyer been in practice and handles criminal cases?  Has the lawyer worked on other cases similar to yours and what is their success rate?  Are they respected by the judges? Do they belong to any criminal law associations?

Costs – How are the lawyer’s charges/feescalculated? – Hourly, flat fee or at stages of the criminal law process?  Are you able to get an approximate the cost of your case?

When your liberty is at stake, contact the best criminal lawyer in Singapore possible to learn more about how they can help and protect your rights.


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