Meaning to Vandalism Something

What does it mean to vandalise something?

Singapore criminal lawyers will define any of the following acts will count as ‘vandalism’, so long as they are done without consent from the owner of the (private) property, or the authority in charge of the (public) property.

· Writing, drawing, painting, marking or inscribing on any public property or private property any word, slogan, caricature, drawing, mark, symbol or other thing;

· Affixing, posting up or displaying on any public property or private property any poster, placard, advertisement, bill, notice, paper or other document; or

· Hanging, suspending, hoisting, affixing or displaying on or from any public property or private property any flag, bunting, standard, banner or the like with any word, slogan, caricature, drawing, mark, symbol or other thing; or

· Stealing, destroying or damaging any public property;

What can the police do to me?

The powers of the police are a topic of many civil proceedings in Singapore, and it is important to know what they can and cannot do to you. If you are caught by the police whilst vandalizing property, they can demand you show proof that you have written consent to mark the property – failure to produce this consent may result in a $500 fine.

The police can also search and seize anything (e.g. posters, placards, bunting, papers) they suspect was used in an act of vandalism.


If you are charged for Vandalism, you might be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $2,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 3 years, and caning between 3 – 8 strokes.

Caning will not be employed as punishment if the vandalism involved removable posters/buntings or the destruction of property, or if the graffiti is non-permanent orwashable (i.e. done with pencil, crayon, chalk or other delible substance or thing and not with paint, tar or other indelible substance).

With strict laws on vandalism, it is advisable to seek legal advice from a criminallawyer in Singapore and contact acivil dispute law firm.


If you have been arrested or investigated for a crime against another person (assault or molest), or any other criminal offense, a criminal defence lawyer in Singapore can help.

Investigation, subsequent charges– to court representation and appeal if needed.


You must take the following into consideration:

Compatibility &Comfort Level – Do you feel comfortable when speaking to the lawyer on a personal level?  Is the lawyer providing you factual information based on law or his own personal experience?

Qualifications – How long has the lawyer been in practice and handles criminal cases?  Has the lawyer worked on other cases similar to yours and what is their success rate?  Are they respected by the judges? Do they belong to any criminal law associations?

Costs – How are the lawyer’s charges/feescalculated? – Hourly, flat fee or at stages of the criminal law process?  Are you able to get an approximate the cost of your case?

When your liberty is at stake, contact the best criminal lawyer in Singapore possible to learn more about how they can help and protect your rights.

Singapore Criminal Defense Lawyers

criminal defence lawyerGloria James-Civetta & Co

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Our teamwork approach with highly skilled trial attorneys allows us to help our clients address their specific needs with creative problem solving and prompt resolution. We possess the experience, knowledge, and diversity to rise to any legal challenge.

At the Law Offices of Gloria James-Civettta & Co, we believe that our quality representation speaks for itself. We are honored and proud to receive referrals from several Embassies throughout Singapore.

“When experience and results Matter”our experienced Singapore criminal lawyer team is ready to assist you in the following areas of criminal law:

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Understanding the criminal law of Singapore

One of the most important and strict criminal law is followed at Singapore. This law is harsh as compared to the laws followed in other countries. In a way, it is highly beneficial as it will control the crimes and safeguard the residents of Singapore. These laws are very strict and the person visiting Singapore must understand and be well aware of these laws. The criminal laws are made to punish those who are responsible for disturbing the peace of society or harming any person.

The reason for the criminal law to be tough at Singapore is because they want crime to remove completely from Singapore. So, they punish criminals to deter everyone from committing crime. Below stated are some guidelines, which will help you understand the criminal laws of Singapore better. Continue reading…

Things That Can Get You in Trouble under Singapore Criminal Law

Singapore is a place which receives quite a big number of visitors each year who come over to this part of the world for reasons varying from business to tourism. Singapore is not only a major economic hub but also one of the top tourist attractions in South Asia. While Singapore is a modern and developed country with values that resonate with those of the western world, visitors should be aware of some important Singapore criminal law. This will help them have a convenient and relaxing experience during their stay.

For starters, people who are planning their first visit to Singapore should know what type of things are not allowed over here, which means that these items will be either confiscated at the airport or will get you into trouble.

Drugs are a strict no and the Singapore criminal law takes tough view on those who are found bringing drugs into the country. There are provisions for the death penalty for traffickers in the Singapore criminal law. Additionally, you can even be punished if you are found to be under the influence of drugs at the time of your arrival, even if the drugs were taken in another country. Random urine tests can be done at the airport which is why travellers are advised to be careful. Read more…

What Factors Determine the Credibility of Top Law Firms in Singapore?

Top Singapore law firms are highly sought after by clients who desire best in class legal services for themselves. Such law firms have been catering to large business corporations, wealthy individuals, and professionals from various streams of life. But which legal service actually qualifies as one of the top Singapore law firms? It is not necessary that legal services which have the biggest names or the highest fees are the top law firms in Singapore. There are other more important factors that constitute a top law firm.

Their On-Staff Lawyers

A law firm will only be as good as the lawyers they hire. It is in fact the quality of the lawyers or attorneys that work in a law firm who determine how good that firm is. Your cases will be won or lost by the lawyer assigned to you, and not by the law firm. Therefore, a top law firm will always have some of the most experienced, qualified and skilled lawyers on their rolls who have a proven track record. Continue reading…

Benefits of Hiring Best Criminal Lawyers from Top Law Firms in Singapore

There are a number of benefits of hiring best criminal lawyers in Singapore. Once you hire top Singapore law firms and lawyers for your criminal case, you have already half won the battle. Top lawyers will give you reliable results and take care of all proceedings in your trial expertly. Here is why hiring top lawyers should be should be a priority for you:

Re-investigation of Your Case

You cannot simply trust on the investigating authorities to investigate your case in the best possible way. The police these days are already over burdened with so many cases, and therefore there might be a chance that your case did not get the level of attention it deserved. When you have a lawyer from top Singapore law firms, you get the assurance that your case will be thoroughly investigated by your defence lawyer.

A sharp mind of a criminal lawyer can focus on the smallest of details that can help in strengthening your defence. The evidence presented by the prosecution will also be analyzed by your criminal lawyer and the witnesses will be cross examined. Read more…


GloriaJames-CivetttaWhat you need to know….

An arrest in Singapore can be made without a warrant, upon police reasonably suspecting a man of committing a crime.

You also need to know that a warrant may be issued to allow police to make an arrest for a normally non arrest able offense. For example, when a police report is made about a case of “voluntarily causing hurt”, the police will conduct investigations first before making any arrest. It is recommended that you hire an experienced criminal lawyer to guide and represent you, should you be charged with an offense.

On arrest, the accused may be searched. Women must be searched by a female officer.


You will be permitted to consult a criminal lawyer while under police custody, within a reasonable time. At this stage, family may also be contacted, provided that it does not hamper police with their ongoing investigations.

Police may detain the accused for 48 hours, but they can obtain a Magistrate’s order if they wish to extend custodial time in order to continue with investigations. The officer must tell the Judge the reason why you should be detained for a longer period. The judge will then consider the request before making a final decision.

If police do not wish to further detain you, you may me released on a personal promise or be placed on police bail.

Can i Remain Silent?

The accused has the right to remain silent but an adverse inference may be drawn and guilt may be inferred if the accused remains silent and does not state his defense.

When will I Be Charged in Court?

You may be charged in Court only after investigations have been concluded. Investigation is necessary to decide if there is any evidence of a crime having been committed by you. Investigation times can range from weeks, two months, depending on the nature of the crime. If you are charged, it is imperative that you seek legal representation form a criminal lawyer.

what are the powers does an investigating officer have?

  • To order a person to go to a police station or other place for questioning and for taking of a statement;
  • To record what you have to say and ask you to sign it;
  • To search a place and take away things to be used as evidence;
  • To seize properties which may be exhibits in a case?


Should you have any questions or need legal representation, kindly contact Gloria James-Civetta & Co on 6337-0469 for a free consultation, or email to

When you represent yourself in a Criminal Trial

Crimes are pernicious tonics that leave people indifferent and cold for a lifetime. When you are one of those who are accused of certain crimes, you too have all the legal rights. One of those is to hire the best lawyer in town and you can go through the entire process – from random questioning through the end of the trial – only if you want one. In case you don’t want an attorney, you certainly have all the rights to represent yourself and your case.

 Called as appearing “pro se” or “pro per,” means you are representing yourself, which actually means you need to invest your time to understand criminal law in Singapore and then do whatever a lawyer is supposed to do to protect all your rights. So before you go any further with your decision, consider what it really means and how things actually work.

Why People Actually Represent Themselves?

People choose to represent themselves for a variety of reasons and other logics that come in their ways. Few think that they would be more successful than someone else who isn’t aware of all the facts of their case. Others also represent themselves since they think they won’t qualify for a non-cost, court-appointed attorney, but they just don’t want to hire one at their own expense. And others just don’ trust lawyers for their case. Read more…

Proper Guideline for Expats: Criminal law in Singapore

With Asia being the safest and lowest tax rated region with exceptionally good living standard, it is of no wonder that expats around the globe have favored Singapore for years. Renowned for its utter professional platform and the safest south East Asian region, Singapore criminal law have confronted various expats with harsh penalties as they landed up on the wrong side of the Law. It’s certainly important to keep in mind that Singapore is also one conservative country with relatively strict rules to follow.

It is comparatively uncommon to get arrested and detained for something that various expats may think as a relatively minor offence in comparison with their home country. Various questions that an expat could really face are as mention:

  • What are the real penalties and consequences of being charged?
  • Will it directly affect my working visa in long run?
  • Is it possible to travel if when my passport is detained?
  • When the right is time to inform my employer of any certain circumstances
  • Am I in breach of any certain employment contract terms and conditions?
  • When is the right time to engage a lawyer?

In case you are mercilessly charged by the police, it means you have to apply for urgent leave to attend interviews at the police station. The very first arrest warrant shall lead to a 48 hours of total detention with no proper access to any counsel or telephones. One can make it difficult if found disappeared and may risk their life and job in that case. Read more…

Top Singapore Criminal Lawyers – What to Keep in mind

A heinous criminal offense can shatter your life to unfortunate pieces leading to pain and regrets for a lifetime. In case you can relate with the situation hereby, let me remind you that you are in a great trouble but you can still make the most of that very mistake by hiring the best in business criminal law lawyers in Singapore to get away with the situation lawfully. Professionals shall make the most of their potentials to tackle your case with ease and utter expertise during your rough time in prison. If you can really afford to hire one attorney in Singapore can certainly do a lot of work in saving your life to scraps.

Factually, it’s next to impossible to lead one’s own case in Singapore not even with those eminent minds or high IQ level can fight for their own case. It’s imperative to keep in mind that a criminal trial be followed in a competent manner.    

Before you choose just the right attorney, look for the best top Singapore law firms and look for their expertise and professionalism before making just the right choice. Since one case is quite different with that of other, it’s imperative in that case to look for specialized expertise in that very case. So in any case, the lawyers are trained enough to tackle their case with perfect proficiency and sheer uniqueness. Moreover, the best in business lawyers can efficiently spot certain level of arguments and other factors, which can be further negotiated or disregarded by a potential offense lawyer. As the things get completed its better to hire an attorney as soon as possible. Continue reading….

Understand Criminal Law before Taking Any Step

Understanding of the law is very necessary in the business world, especially when you are about to start something big. Singapore is a very reputed location for the new business to start. Over here, government and several private investors are ready to help people with great business ideas to explore new places and opportunities to establish business. There is several business opportunities available for you to grow and succeed given you are following the criminal law in Singapore properly. In case you are not abiding by the law in the right manner, it can lead you towards a big problem.

Foreign multinational companies coming from western countries have to consider the law and regulations applicable on the business properly. They are going to work in a society where businesses are run according to the society norms. If you are not following them precisely, there can be serious consequences for that. Apart from this, there are several legal and financial formalities as well which are essential for you to follow.

In case you are unable to understand the minor points related to the Singapore criminal law or financial investment laws, try to contact reliable legal firms and get to know them better. Contact a reliable legal firm and mention your requirements. They will handle all your legal issues of informing about various laws as well as applicable regulations. Apart from this, they will help in formulating legal documents as well in case you need to put them forth to the governmental organizations.

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