Things to Expect from a Legal Criminal Process

One can face crime in different forms and all the right criminal law procedures vary from state to state. Apparently, the fundamental process may generally be the same no matter where you are been arrested. The key agenda of any criminal process is to determine if you’ve got enough evidences in order to proof a committed crime. You may be proved innocent or maybe presumed so but the burden is highly established on prosecution to prove so.

Process to Arrest the Right Suspect

A typical criminal process may actually begin with an arrest as police might formally take you into custody. In case any such thing happens then do whatever seems right and make sure you keep your silence and never divulge anything that may go against you. All you need to do is and is advised to ask for your own attorney as you too have all the rights to hire one who can easily give you justice. Do as you are advised but police isn’t supposed to inform you until they choose to question you back.

Arrest Warrant

The police may have arrested you until accusation or maybe you can release with the proper information about your first court date. In case someone fails to appear as ordered by court, a judge will issue a warrant ordering the police to get you from wherever you are before the court. Continue reading…

Singapore Criminal Lawyer-Unlicensed Moneylending

Unlicensed moneylendingAccording to the Moneylenders Act 2010 (Revised Edition), Chapter 188, all moneylenders in Singapore must hold a Moneylender’s Licence from the Registrar of Moneylenders. Operating a money lending business without a license is illegal. Unlicensed moneylenders are basically the “loans harks” who give out illegal loans which often come with exorbitant interest rates.

The Moneylenders Act (Cap 188) prescribes the crime and punishment for conducting loan sharking activities. Both the loan sharks and those who assist the loan sharks in their activities are liable for punishment. Some acts of assistance to the loan sharks include:


  • Harassed the debtors through acts like splashing paint, scribbling on walls, setting fire, locking gates, etc.
  • Acting as a lookout during harassment
  • Provided transport for runners
  • Collected debts
  • Provided funds for lending or allowing his premises to be used for loan sharking business
  • Provided or sold prepaid SIM cards to the loans harks
  • Opening bank accounts to facilitate money transfers
  • Promoting or advertising loan sharking activities

 Punishment for assisting loan sharks:

  • First-time offenders – fine between $30,000 and $300,000, jail up to four years, liable to six strokes of the cane
  • Repeat offenders – fine between $50,000 and $500,000, jail up to five years, liable to 12 strokes of the cane

 Conducting acts of harassment:

  • First-time offenders – fine between $5,000 and $50,000, jail up to five years, liable to six strokes of the cane
  • Repeat offenders – fine between $6,000 and $60,000, jail up to nine years, liable to 12 strokes of the cane.

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Vandalism Act in Singapore

vandalism Act Singapore

Vandalism is governed by the Vandalism Act in Singapore. It is defined as the unauthorized;

  • Writing, drawing, painting, marking or inscribing on any public or private property, or
  • Affixing, posting up or displaying of any document on a public or private property, or
  • Hanging, affixing or displaying ay object from a public or private property, or
  • Stealing, destroying or damaging any public property.

A person convicted of vandalism is liable for

  • A fine of up to $2,000, or
  • Imprisonment of up to 3 years, and
  • 3-8 strokes of the cane

The punishment of caning is subject to Sections 325(1) and 330(1) of the Criminal Procedure Code. This means that women and men above the age of 50 shall not be caned. Also, no sentence of caning is to be executed in instalments.

Famous vandalism cases in Singapore include those involving foreign nationals Michael Fay and Oliver Fricker. Both were sentenced to jail and caning. You should consult an experienced criminal lawyer if you are facing criminal charges is Singapore.

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Guiding Tips for Selection of the Best Law Firm in Singapore

While obtaining legal help, from someone it is normal for a person to be a little confused, to be a little doubtful. You do not know this person and you are about to share your personal information with him or her? Can this person be trusted with your confidential details? Will he or she going to charge a lot for the legal services? Will they be actually helpful in your situation? All these questions and doubts can be overwhelming for most of us. After all we are normal people who want to stay away from messy criminal or civil law suits, unless until it is of utmost necessity.

Under such condition, we are confused about who can be trusted and who cannot. If you are one of these people seeking suitable legal guidance, these tips can be of great help for you. Some of them are:

Understands your problem: the legal firm you are planning to hire must understand your issue and urgency. In case they are unable to provide dedicated lawyer or legal advisor for your problem, it is better to hire someone else. No matter if the client is providing a big case or an easy one, the top Singapore law firms pay complete attention to them.

Cost of legal help: Since legal firms have to deal with all kinds of people they make sure that, the charges applicable on the case have easy payment options. These options can be modified according to the requirements of the clients. If you are worried about the cost, consult them about the suitable payment option available. Read more….